Adding intelligence and predictive potential to your videos

Computer Vision

It is based on the capability of "teaching" machines to visualize and interpret their environment in a similar way as humans do. This is achieved as part of an interdisciplinary process


Applied knowledge of optics to optimize image capture according to the environmental conditions.

Image Processing

Capture, detect and classify existing elements in videos.

Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and supervised Algorithms based on pattern recognition.

Data Science

Statistical and mathematical models used to provide valuable information.


  • Intelligent detection and tracking of people and objects
  • Demographic profiling
  • Parametrical real time alerts
  • Biometric profiling and comparison
  • Behavioral patterns detection
  • Heat map generation

General Architecture

Business Application

    Captured video and other related information are processed, integrated and consolidated in a single repository along with other defined data sources, from which analytical models, KPIs and dashboards are created.


Our Research and Development team is led by PHDs in Astrophysics, Data Scientists and market proven technology experts, who along with an interdisciplinary group of professionals supported the development of a solid product, able to adapt to multiple scenarios.

Roberto Muñoz

Scientific Director

Patricio Cofré

Commercial Director

Jaime Caiceo

Executive Director

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